Program After School Support

PASS Case Study

“ The journey of even a ten thousand miles starts with a single step. ”Mayur Deepak bhai Parda – STD : 6th

Mayur study in 6th grade, in Shree R.C. Patel navyug school, Fhaetgunj. When he joined the PASS center he was very weak in maths he cannot able to count and didn’t know tables also. But after coming to pass class he can count and he is masters in tables’ up to 15. He had problem in reading and writing Guajarati but as time passes in PASS center he has improved a lot in reading and writing Gujarati. Apart from this he was very shy and introvert he doesn’t talk with anyone in the class and in the school also but, after coming to PASS and get involved in the playful activities he talk with everyone and also shares things with his peers not only in PASS centre but also in school.

His parents live in village. His socio-economic condition is also not good. Still he becomes curios to learn something. It is our Great achievement that PASS Project has given platform and encourages him to study hard and inculcate the practice to learn new things.