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Chota Udaipur ChildLine

Overview of the Project
Supported by Ministry of Women & Child Development

CHILDLINE Project started on 21st May 2018 at Chhotaudepur District and 10 month to all areas outreach and Childline information in all people.
CHILDLINE 1098 is an innovative example to address the rights of children, specifically those in distress. It makes it possible to reach a child in distress for immediate emergency support followed by their long term rehabilitation. 

It is based on a collaborative model involving all the concerned stakeholders ranging from Government organizations to allied agencies, civil society partners, corporates, community members and the children. To take the cause further, it promotes active advocacy for child rights and makes child protection everybody’s business through communication of its outcomes. It has also established the toll free helpline number 1098 as made it a national helpline, enabling children to seek assistance in emergency or in distress.

Given the large and still increasing volume of calls that are received through CHILDLINE, an adequate staffing strategy is required so that calls are responded to in a timely manner. Baroda Citizens Council is the partner NGO for the Vadodara district. To manage the increasing amount of cases and to be precise at the services projects like Chota Udaipur Child Line makes it possible to focus keenly in a particular city location.

We are actively working towards the solutions. Every case leaves back a lesson to learn and few new innovations to be implemented to make the outreach better and better. Our constant efforts in examining and building upon new ideas makes us the best NGO for children in Vadodara that provides.

Aims and Objectives of the Project

  • CHILDLINE is India’s first 24-hour emergency outreach service for children in need of care and protection.Working as a nationwide emergency helpline, CHILDLINE aims to reach out to children in need of care and protection. The knowledge that help is just a phone call away is expected to be a much needed assurance for a child who is seeking assistance in distress.
  • Responding to emergency situations reported on the national helpline.
  • Creating child friendly environments by generating awareness on the rights of children
  • Providing long team rehabilitation services to reused children