Mental Wellness Program

An Initiative under Smt. Urmilaben Patel Mental Wellness Program

About the Project:

With Mental Health and Wellness project, BCC is trying to lessen the unnecessary stressors from the life of people. The changing lifestyle, restrictions from governments, new technical education system and adapting to in-home culture has affected everyone in lot many ways. Children and adolescents have been affected the most due to new technical education system, negative/frustrated parenting, peer group, pressure of surviving in the new computer era, fear of future academics, fear of getting a job or making career, constant fear of being infected by the virus, etc. Parents and teachers face difficulty while making sure the children get education. There is a rise in unemployment in many organised and unorganised sectors. To deal with such emotional and mental pressures BCC have initiated Mental Health and Wellness program.

Aims & Objectives:

  • Eliminate/lessening the impact of mentioned areas affecting mental health.
  • Awareness about mental health.
  • Collaboration with NGOs and mental hospital of Vadodara to work together in the field of mental wellness.
  • Initiate a helpline number for counselling case reference.