Sport Days

Sports Day in Anganwadi Adoption Program

Under the Aanganwadi Adoption Program, BCC organized Sports Day for Children of Aanganwadis. Ms.Ambika Jaiswal (CDPO, ICDS) appreciated our work and motivated children. Aaganwadi children participated in various outdoor and indoor sports.

Children and Aanganwadi workers enjoyed games, appreciation rewards!

Sports Day event at all PASS centers

Sports Day encourages active participation in sports, promoting physical health and combating issues like obesity and sedentary habits. Involvement in team sports teaches student’s teamwork, cooperation, and unity, skills transferrable to academics and future careers.

Sports day was organised under Program After School Support Project. All the students from PASS centres participated in Sports Day. They participated in various games and activities and enjoyed a lot. They felt motivated and encouraged while taking part in the activities.

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