On 19 March, 2024 the Baroda Citizens Council with the support of Nisol Manufacturing Company Pvt Ltd conducted Menstrual Hygiene Awareness sessions across various locations in Jahaj Village.

Objective: Empowering Women's Health through Health & Hygiene Education.

Session Coverage: Three Areas of Jahaj Village with Over 100 Participants.

Key Focus Areas: Personal Hygiene, Menstrual Health Practices, and Handwashing Techniques.

Practical Demonstrations: Correct Usage and Disposal of Menstrual Products.

Expert Insights: Biological Aspects of Menstrual Cycle and Open Discussions.

Empowering Rural Communities: Organic Farming & Government Support Initiatives

Baroda Citizens Council with support from Nisol Manufacturing Company Pvt Ltd, conducted training sessions on Organic Farming & Agricultural Related Government Schemes in Jahaj village at 03 different locations covered 100+ individuals.

Objective: To empower farmers with knowledge and skills in organic farming practices and government assistance schemes to #promote sustainable agriculture and rural development.

Session Content: Covering Soil Fertility, Water Efficiency, Herbal Medicine, Livestock Management, and Crop Breeding Techniques

Live Demonstrations: Utilizing Cow's Urine, Natural Bacteria, Vermiculture, and Compost Fertilizer.

Government Schemes: Providing Knowledge on 15+ Initiatives for Sustainable Agricultural Practices

Together, we're cultivating sustainable practices for a brighter future.


Breaking barriers in Jahaj village! The Baroda Citizen Council, with support from Nisol Manufacturing Company Pvt Ltd conducted vital Awareness sessions on Stop Tobacco & Alcoholism.

The Training sessions aimed to address misconceptions, provide information on the health hazards of tobacco and alcohol use, and empower community members to make informed decisions regarding their health. The Training Session covering three different areas, with a total participation of 100+individuals.

During the awareness campaign, participants engaged with key topics including the definition of addiction, the detrimental effects of tobacco and alcohol, legal provisions under COTPA, the societal, mental, and social impacts of tobacco, the advantages of quitting tobacco, the importance of awareness as responsible citizens, common misconceptions about substance abuse, and the physiological effects of caffeine on the body.

Together, we're driving positive change and promoting healthier lifestyles.

Topic- Basic teaching techniques of basic ethics and soft skills

A training was organised for the teachers on the topic- Basic teaching techniques of basic ethics and soft skills.

The training was taken by Ms. Rachana Dave from Bal Nutan Shikhshan Sangh.She made the training very fruitful and interesting for teachers by conducting different kinds of activities. Teachers also asked many questions related to the topic and able to solve their queries. They learnt may basic teaching techniques of basic ethics while this training.

Topic-Optimizing Classroom Dynamics: Integrating Child Psychology for Effective Management

A training session was organized for the teacher's of PASS project on Child Psychology and class room management. The session was taken by Ms. Gurjot Kaur Tung.

This session was very beneficial for the teachers. The training was carried out along with different interactive activities PASS Teachers gain practical insights, fostering effective communication and engagement in the classroom

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