Day Care Center for Divyang Children

Baroda Citizens Council as a NGO also serves specially abled children with Day Care and basic learning programs. Our day care for exceptional children is unique. Its mission is to provide day care service to physically and mentally challenged children to serve them an opportunity to remain in the family and home setting.

We focus on the developmental process of each child. Our Day Care for the divyang's provides for the holistic development of the benefactors through education and boarding facilities. Our 29 children are provided homely environment through quality facilities under trained caregivers. It acts as a support system to the economically weaker section of the society. It conducts cultural program to bring out and develop the talents of the children.

Our school is not just limited to food and nutrition and Day care. BCC provides all the basic needs to the growth and development of physically disabled children. A physiotherapist visits to care the regular exercise and even the these children are given surgical assistance as and when required. Besides this BCC provide counseling programs for both parents and children to understand better their disability and empower them to accept this situation and live in the society.

Our staff is specially trained to make our children learn and became self dependent for the day in and out activities like feeding, dressing, grooming, socializing etc. We help our children to explore their environment with programs to meet their individual needs. Our special programs enhance our children's potential abilities of becoming adapted to the environment. A day in our BCC's Mentally Challenged Day Care & School starts at 9:00 am until 4:00 pm. We provide transportation facilities to our children depending upon the areas and availability of resources. Our Day care is equipped with various equipment to cater the trainings and requirements of our children. Many of our Divyans needs maximum supervision while eating, dressing and performing other activities of daily living. Our staff is trained to meet all their requirements. Our teams makes a point that our children are given maximum opportunities to explore their talents and grow. Our children participate various competitions like drawing, colour and dancing. They have won many such competitions to win and make us pride as a NGO in vadodara for specially abled children that assists, encourages and teaches the children.