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Empowering rural communities, transforming live

Our Objective

Providing a forum for the economically and socially deprived section of society and promote the use of available resource amongst them.

Our Mission

To develop faith of people in themselves and to improve competence and leadership through self-help approach.

Our Vision

To emerge as an effective Change Agent and Community development organization integration voluntary spirit with professional competence.

Welcome to

Baroda Citizens Council

Baroda Citizens Council is an NGO in Vadodara that works towards the best interest of the poor children. We ensure to make the productive use of our resources by creating customized projects for CSR. These projects sponsor's our children's education, food and nutrition needs. And our team successfully supports, children, their families and communities creating reports and analyzing the outcomes in order to perform better with each new project.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. Why would YOU wait with a "WILL" to CONTRIBUTE the needy after getting rich ONE DAY?. There are various opportunities to contribuite to the betterment of society hence the world. Just as Baroda Citizens Council's partners faithfully give towards the upliftment of the poor by donating time with their skills, creativity, knowledge, education and money. You Can ….

Our Achievements


Child Education


Health Care


Women & Youth


Community Development
& Awareness


I am facing many challenges in my marriage because of my in laws. It's been 17 years that I am married to my husband. I was in depression because my in unhappy marriage. I faced so my difficulties, so I decided to quit in my marriage but suddenly I came to know about PANKHI Project under BCC. PANKHI Project helps the women in distress and try to resolve the problem. I am very thankful to PANKHI team for support and counselling. Now I am living happily with my husband and in laws.

Neelam Prajapati (Changed name due to confidentiality of the client)

- Beneficiary of PANKHI Project

I am studying in Kalali PASS center from last 9 years. I joined PASS class when I was in 1st grade. Currently I am studying in 9th grade. I would like to thank BCC to open PASS class in her area as we don't have such classes in our area, we were facing many challenges, because our tuition classes were very far and being a girl I am not allowed to go far for the tuition classes. I want to pursue my education further. I am glad that PASS center is here and easy approachable. Thank you BCC.

Sejal Ramshabdh Sahani

- Student of Kalali PASS class

As a parent, we would like to take this prospect to thank Baroda Citizens Council for their continuous support in education via SAVERA- an Educational Sponsorship Program. We are getting sponsorship for our child from last three years and we are very obliged to receive the support under SAVERA Project. We have witnessed massive and exponential development in our child. Our child's dream to become a good citizen of the nation.

Jayantilal Vasava

- Father of Jayendra Vasava (Beneficiary under SAVERA Project)

My experience with BCC was an enriching learning experience wherein I got to learn so much about the lower strata of the society and what BCC is doing to improve and transform their lives. Also, the working environment at BCC was professional that gave me ample of opportunities to utilize my skills as well as learn new things that will help me in my professional and personal journey. The key takeaway for me was how it is important to give back to the society in whatever capacity that we can.

Shlok Bhatt- SBM, NMIMS Mumbai

- Student Intern in BCC

It was immense fortunate to be a part of Baroda Citizens Council. The entire Team BCC leaves no stone unturned to shape one's future. Huge respect, love and devotion for entire BCC family. It's their effort that make me to count myself into better profession.

Deepal Shah- M.S. University

- Student Intern in BCC

I am very pleased and thankful to BCC for ICT Project. Through this project my son is able to grasp the concept very easily and gets his doubts cleared without hesitation. The teachers are very cooperative and supportive. Thank you BCC for this opportunity.

Jagdish Bhai

- Parent of a child from ICT center

I am very happy with BCC's Divyang Center. The teachers and therapists are very supportive, caring and cooperative towards the children. Thank you for helping my child to improve his learning and his confidence. My son also wants to thank the teachers that they are really helpful. My son learnt a lot things from Divyang center.

Bhawna Gandhi

-Parent of a child in Divyang Center

I am thankful to Baroda citizens Council for providing me with free computer class facility as our financial condition would have never made this possible.


- Student of Inclusive Digital Literacy

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