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Baroda Citizens Council is an NGO in Vadodara that works towards the best interest of the poor children. We ensure to make the productive use of our resources by creating customized projects for CSR. These projects sponsor’s our children’s education, food and nutrition needs. And our team successfully supports, children, their families and communities creating reports and analyzing the outcomes in order to perform better with each new project.

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There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. Why would YOU wait with a “WILL” to CONTRIBUTE the needy after getting rich ONE DAY?. There are various opportunities to contribuite to the betterment of society hence the world. Just as Baroda Citizens Council’s partners faithfully give towards the upliftment of the poor by donating time with their skills, creativity, knowledge, education and money. You Can ….


You can participate in our events. You be the mentor and enhance our children’s skills with your creative knowledge.

Sponsor Child Education

You can sponsor for a child’s education and lit up his future and let him take the first step towards conquering the world.

Donate To Us

We have several ongoing projects and action plans to protect and educate the child, to empower the women. Any amount given by you can help us bring the change.

Want to be a Volunteer?


Sharing is all about caring and love. Identify your interest share your skills, your passion with our children. Empower our women in society with the skills that can help them to live independently. Inspire them with your motivational words, educate them sharing the knowledge you have. As it is said sharing is the process that helps to learn to have equality and self-control; join us today to enrich yourself in the process of bringing forth empowerment in the lives of those whom you share this society with.

Balwadi - NGO in Vadodara


We educate children for their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development in order to help them have a brighter future.

Women NGO in Vadodara

Women Empowerment

We empower the women to face day to day violence, abuse and other several ill-treatments in this male-dominated society.

Child protection

Child Protection

We provide food and shelter and protect children from abuse, neglect, and degradation. No child should work when under-age or do

Child Labour NGO in Vadoadra

Rural Development

Through the central helpline, we provide counseling and rehabilitation to the women suffering.