Baroda Citizens Council is a registered organisation that works with underprivileged children in Vadodara specifically in the communities of south Vadodara. It started with a simple goal to educate and serve food and nutrition to the underprivileged children. Our Balwadi project addresses the Educational as well as Health & Nutritional needs of slum children between 1 to 6 years of age. The project is spread across seven different slum areas of Vadodara. Problems like low income and unemployment prevents the parents to provide pre-school education and proper nutrition to their children. Our Balwadi project helps such children and family to enjoy the basic right as food and education.

The Balwadi project across the board is not just a task of keeping average 30 children per school for few hours. Rather our BCC's objective is to facilitate immunization of the Balwadi children and to reduce the malnutrition level among them. This follows the task of making the children used to school environment, learn discipline and interact with others, learn cleanliness, thereby improving nutrition, health as well as attendance in schools. Our efforts are measured and self applauded when every year 5 plus children take admissions into schools.

Our Balwadis are well equipped to add colors to the toddlers growth and development. There are several activities that are organized regularly aiming at a holistic development of the children. Academic progress is ensured through activities like monthly and annual evaluation of the children and regular parent-teacher meetings. Health and developmental aspects are taken care of through the daily nutrition meals provided to the children along with a glass of milk. Several extra curricular activities like national festivals, Sports day, Annual Day and drawing competitions ensure all round growth and development of our Balwadi children.

Our Balwadi aims at integrating with the community by giving opportunity to the community members to involve through various activities like parents teachers meeting, swachh bharat abhiyan's etc. We make a note to keep the parents involved, our teachers are given regular trainings through teacher training workshops. These training helps our teacher to learn various new methodologies to ensure quality education being imparted to our children.